Air Enthusiast 1994-09
J.Silvester - Called to Arms
Pembroke C.52 (Tp 83) of Flygflottilj 8, Royal Swedish Air Force.
Pembroke C.53 PR-2 of the Transport Squadron, Finnish Air Force, Utti, circa 1962. Note survey nose glazing.
Pembroke C.54 ‘SE+517’ of MFG 5, West German Bundesmarine, based at Kiel-Holtenau, mid-1960s.
Pembroke C.51 RM-5 (callsign ‘OT-ZAE’) of 21 Smaldeel, Belgian Air Force, Melsbroek, circa 1973.
Sea Prince T.1 WP321 last served with 750 Squadron from Culdrose, it was briefly operated as G-BRFC from Bourne, Cambs, until withdrawn from use by May 1987. It has recently been ferried through to North Weald, Essex, and is under the wing of Aces High.
Pembroke C.1 XL929 in VIP configuration - note the rank stripes on the nose. It was one of the last to serve the RAF, operating with 60 Squadron at Wildenrath, Germany, until 1988.
Sea Prince T.1 WF118 on a pre-delivery test flight. Note the ‘thimble’ nose, later deleted, and the underwing store racks.
First overseas customer for the Pembroke was the Belgian Air Force, ordering 12 C.51s, which were delivered from 1954. All served with 21 Smaldeel at Melsbroek, being withdrawn from service in 1976, having been replaced by the Swearingen Merlin. RM-2 carries the units red indian chiefs head badge.
AS+552, the second Pembroke C.54 to be delivered to the Luftwaffe, 1951.
G-AOJG, the President prototype, flying on just one Leonides.
The first Tp 83 for the Royal Swedish Air Force, in front of the tower at Luton.
Sea Prince C.2 WM756 in dark blue Admiral’s Barge colours.
Pembroke C.1 WV750 served initially on trails work Percival. Its first use with the RAF was with the Station Flight at Negombo, Cyprus, in 1956. It was retired in 1970, last serving with 70 Squadron from Nicosia, Cyprus.
Pembroke C.55 10 of the Sudanese Air Force, awaiting delivery at Luton. A frustrated President for Spanish airline use, it served only briefly before coming back to the UK.
Percival Sea Prince C.2