Air Enthusiast 1992-12
A.Crouchman - Rival to the B-29
Consolidated TB-32-15-CF Dominator 42-108522 'OM12' of the 2519th Base Unit, used for transition training.
The first production B-32, delivered on December 7, 1944, with ultimate fin height.
Sixth production B-32, used on test work at Vandalia and Dayton.
Three TB-32s in formation over Texas, late March 1945.
The huge 16'8" propellers roar into life on a TB-32.
TB-32 on the line at Fort Worth.
The end of the line! The production line at Fort Worth at the termination of the contract, all these examples being scrapped on site.
2519th Base Unit’s TB-32s on the line at Fort Worth.
Three-view of B-32 to production standard. Also shown are, top right XB-32 41-142 and below that XB-32 41-18336 with final tail surfaces. Scrap view shows the original tail of 41-18336.