Air Enthusiast 1992-12
R.Shaw - Greek Guardians
C-47 92626 is preserved within the base at Elefsina.
Home base for F-5s and F-16s, Nea Anghialos displays F-86E 19448 on the parade square outside the base headquarters.
Other gate guardian at Andravida is F-86E 19243.
Two of no less than seven F-102A and TF-102 Delta Daggers parked out at Elefsina.
Kalamata’s T-33A gate guardian.
One of two gate guardians at Andravida, F-84F 37145.
Also at Elefsina is this Noratlas, previously used for calbribation duties and thought to be bound for preservation.
Elefsina is home to the HU-16Bs of 353 Mira. Some are held for spares and others must be candidates for display.
Larissa employs three recently-retired RF-84F Thunderflashes in the decoy role.