Air Enthusiast 1992-12
B.Cumming - Fleet's Last Fling
Canuck CF-DZM (c/n 105) now owned and operated by Falls Aviation, Welland, Ontario. This aircraft has been restored into its original colours as it left the factory in 1946, the RCAF yellow on the wings and fuselage with Consolidated blue nose and tail.
CF-EBE (c/n 149) owned by Central Airways, Toronto, taken at Hamilton Airport, July, 1966. This aircraft is now preserved with Canada’s National Aviation Museum.
CF-DQB (c/n 054) at Toronto Island Airport, June 1948. Note how the float attachments use the Canuck’s undercarriage legs.
Noury N-75 after modification by Fleet Aircraft as Fleet 80 prototype CF-BYW-X (c/n 001)
Fleet Canuck CF-EBI (c/n 153) at Oshawa Airport, May, 1948, of the Trans Canada Airlines Employees Flying Club.