Air Enthusiast 1992-12
J.Cynk - First encounter
P.11c ‘2’ of the 121st Fighter Squadron of the Army ‘Krakow’ Aviation, with the Squadron's 'Winged Arrow' markings on the fuselage as preserved at Krakow.
Устаревшие истребители P.11 не могли эффективно вести борьбу за господство в воздухе, что предопределило и быструю гибель даже таких довольно современных бомбардировщиков как "Лось" и "Карась".
P.11c fighters of the 1st (Warsaw) Air Regiment at Okecie airfield - with Lo's bombers in the background - at the end of February 1939. In the spring, the Warsaw fighter squadrons were formed into the Pursuit Brigade.
American artist Roy Grinnell produced this fine rendition of the first Polish ‘kill’ of World War Two. Wladyslaw Gyns attacks a pair of Luftwaffe Dornier Do 17s on September 1, 1939.
A Junkers Ju 87B of I/StG 2 Immelmann, with camouflaging tree branches removed, preparing for a combat mission. Sgt Frank Neubert of this unit achieved the first air victory of the World War Two.
The rear fuselage of the Do 17E '3Z+FR' of III/KG 77, shot down by Gny's in Zurada village.
A 750 hp BMW VI in-line engine of one of the Dorniers, with the fuselage of the ‘3Z+FR’ visible in the background.
The rear fuselage of the Gnys’ second victim.
Remnants of the forward fuselage of one of the Dorniers.