Air International 2006-08
D.Carrara - CAOC Warriors /Military/
To provide realistic scenarios for Wycombe Warrior exercises a wide range of aircraft with different capabilities take part: for example, Boeing E-3s were used for airborne early warning and to control some of the exercise aircraft. This NATO E-3A is pictured departing RAF Cottesmore on May 25, 2006 for a Wycombe Warrior mission. RAF E-3Ds and a French Air Force E-3F were also involved.
Four 6 Squadron Jaguar GR.3As return in formation to RAF Coningsby from a Wycombe Warrior mission on May 25, 2006.
CAOC 9's primary focus for Wycombe Warrior exercises is to provide high quality training to British squadrons and US units based in the UK. However, invitations are also sent to other countries as they often have aircraft with capabilities that would be useful for the exercise. France is a regular participant: this French Navy Super Etendard is about to take on fuel from an RAF VC.10 during a previous Wycombe Warrior.
Most front-line RAF squadrons took part in Wycombe Warrior 05-06, the exercise featuring around 130 sorties on both days. For instance, the Tornado GR.4 squadrons at RAF Marham planned to launch 22 sorties on the first day of the exercise and 26 on the second. A 31 Squadron Tornado GR.4 is pictured landing back at Marham after the last COMAO of the exercise.