Air International 2006-11
B.Archer - Tigers Over Spain /Military/
An impressive line-up of tiger tails on these F-16s. In the foreground is a Belgian example, followed by two Turkish aircraft. The next two Fighting Falcons, which feature grey paw prints, belong to Esquadra 301 of the Portuguese Air Force.
One of the most unusual designs at this year's Tiger Meet was applied to a Mirage 2000C by EC 01.012 from Cambrai.
Hosting the event was the Spanish Air Force's Escuadron 142, which operates the Mirage F.1CE. The unit got into the spirit of the event by painting three of its aircraft.
Only one of the two German units attending was permitted to apply tiger marks. Pictured is an AG 51 Tornado with the legend Recce Tigers' on the tail.
French test unit EC 05.330 sent Mirage 2000s and Rafales to Los Llanos Air Base and painted one of the latter aircraft in special tiger marks.