Air International 2006-11
B.Hales-Dutton - Sterling - An Exercise In Survival /Commercial/
Sterling had 25 Caravelles in its fleet atone point in the 1970s, an example of which is pictured. The airline, founded in 1962 by a priest who became known as the 'Flying Vicar', has also operated DC-6s, DC-8s, Boeing 727s and Aerospatiale SN-601 Corvette business jets.
Two MD-82s were leased over the summer from Icelandic operator JetX to provide extra capacity. One aircraft has been returned to the lessor, though this aircraft, TF-JXB, was still in use with Sterling at the end of September 2006.
Sterling has undergone many changes in recent years. The current owner is the Icelandic FL Group, which has decided to standardise the fleet with this red livery featuring two hearts on the tail, as illustrated on Boeing 737-8BK, OY-SEM.
Fellow Danish carrier Maersk Air was recently merged with Sterling. This led to the former's name being dropped and much of its fleet being integrated into Sterling. One of these aircraft is Boeing 737-7LR, OY-MRG, which is still wearing the Maersk livery, but with Sterling titles.
For a number of years. Sterling chose to paint its aircraft in five different colours: red, yellow, dark blue, light blue and green (pictured). The current owner has decided that red will be the standard colour for the fleet to adopt. The tail markings have also been revised a number of times in recent years and on this aircraft, OY-SEH, can be seen the outline of the beach ball logo which was used before being replaced by the one worn in the photograph. However, this has been superseded by the two hearts logo presently used.