Air International 2021-07
A.Drwiega - Heralding nextgen rotorcraft
A new Lynx Mk9A helicopter operating at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, in 2010 after receiving upgraded engines that allowed it to operate more effectively and reliably in 'hot and high' conditions
The ubiquitous UH-60 Blackhawk has been a mainstay for the US military for decades, but will be replaced by a new clean-sheet design
An artist's impression of Sikorsky's Raider X entering a clearing with ground forces
Several replacements for the OH-58 had been sought and then discarded, often after considerable investment
An artist's impression of Sikorsky/Boeing’s SB>1 Defiant airlifting an artillery battery into position Lockheed Martin
An artist’s impression of Bell's Invictus 360 attacking a target