Air International 2021-08
M.Broadbent - King of the Hill
The sleek new HX50 aims to make the private helicopter as luxurious as a high-end car
Streamlining was a design priority on the HX50
Compatibility with iPads is central to the cockpit design
The HX50 in Supermarine White
Shown here in Endurance Red, the HX50 has been designed to experience an absolute minimum of flow loss
Pilots will use a selector located beside the collective control
Roof skylights and large doors are designed to maximise light and assist visibility
The HX50 is described by its maker as “the world’s first truly private helicopter”, here in British Racing Green
The HX50 is available in six tones, including Royal Blue
Customers can choose from a range of ten colours for the leather seats in the interior
Hill Helicopters worked with a chiropractor to better understand seat ergonomics
Designed for the type, the GT50 engine will offer 440hp take-off power