Air International 2021-11
T.Batchelor - Make do and mend
Qantas replaced its existing Skybeds with the Qantas Business Suite in a new 1:2:1 configuration that provided every passenger with aisle access
Qantas refurbished all 12 of its A380 aircraft as part of a multimillion-dollar upgrade, delivering higher levels of comfort and additional premium seats
Refurbishment is not only a case of making an aircraft look and feel new, stresses Francois Denton of EAR
South Africa's Executive Aircraft Refurbishment (EAR) attracts customers from Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and China, as well as many African nations
'Nose-to-tail, every detail matters', EAR says of its spray paint and overhaul work
EAR customers benefit from the company’s large paint shop, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team
EAR mixes colours in-house as well as supplying and applying exterior decals
A 2016 refurbishment of 18 of BA’s Boeing 747s involved 61 miles of wiring for a new Panasonic eX3 IFE system, enough new carpets to cover 34 tennis courts, nearly six miles of new LED lights, 4,500 light fittings and fabric changes to 4,950 seats