Aeroplane Monthly 1981-02
News Spotlight
The recently delivered Finnish Air Force BAe Hawk HW-302.
The MBB PAH-1 anti-tank helicopter was officially handed over to the German Army at Celle AFB on December 4, 1980. The PAH-1 carries a crew of two plus six HOT missiles.
On November 26, 1980, the Rt Hon William Whitelaw MP officially handed over a Bell 222 helicopter to the Metropolitan Police. The Met is the first UK operator of the type and the cost, including installation of special police equipment, was £750,000.
VFW Fantrainer D-EATJ seen during a recent demonstration in the USA.
AO3, ZA283, the third and last Panavia Tornado Air Defence prototype to join the flight test programme, made its first flight on November 18, 1980, from Warton.