Aeroplane Monthly 1981-02
B.Gunston - The V-bombers (3)
Victor B.I XA918, later used as a trials aircraft.
Victor XA930 was equipped with refuelling probe, underwing tanks and could accommodate Spectre RATO units for overload weights up to 190,000lb.
The second prototype Victor, WB775, passing over the 1955 SBAC show at Farnborough.
Victor B.I XA918 fitted with the Flight Refuelling company's triple drogue system.
The second prototype Victor, WB775, with black fuselage, red cheat line and silver wings and tailplane.
Реактивные Valiant, Victor и Vulcan пришли в британских ВВС на смену поршневым Lincoln и Washington.
A lengthened nose, deletion of the dorsal fin and vortex generators on the outer-wing panels, are the main external differences between the prototype and production Handley Page Victor, which will be introduced into R.A.F. service in the next few months. Photograph is of XA917.
Test pilot John Allam caused a minor stir when he inadvertently took this Victor, XA917, through the sound barrier in November 1957.
Victors of No 10 Squadron at Cottesmore in September 1958.
Victor B.I XA941 lifts off from RAF Cottesmore in September 1958.