Air Pictorial 1955-04
Shown under going its initial taxi tests at Boeing Field is the Boeing XB-47D, a standard B-47B modified to serve as a test-bed for flight-testing the Curtiss-Wright T49 turbo-prop . Two T49's are mounted in place of the four G.E.47's at the inboard pod positions .
Hawker Sea Hawks of the Fleet Air Arm ranged in the forward safety area on the flight deck of H.M.S. Centaur, off the coast of Malta. This photograph was taken by Gloster Aircraft's chief photographer Russell Adams from a Sikorski S.51 helicopter.
YC-130 (33397) в первом полете - при перелете с заводского аэродрома в Вербэнке на авиабазу Эдвардс он пересек горы Сьерра-Невада.
First air-to-air photograph of the Lockheed YC-130 Hercules, turboprop transport for the U.S.A.F. A second prototype has now flown.
First photograph to illustrate the North American F-100 Super Sabre with its new modifications. These include a slightly different fin and rudder.
Latest Gloster Javelin to appear is XA550, with the newest-type canopy and radome nose.
A fine in-flight study of the Avro Olympus-Ashton taking off from Filton. It is the first British six-jet aircraft.
A Piper PA-11 Cub Special modified with a "universal" landing gear, similar to that fitted by Saunders Roe to an Auster.
Lightweight tactical fighter project from the drawing board of Avions Marcel Dassault is the Orpheus-powered Mystere 26. It is claimed that it would be capable of operating from a grass strip.
The Republic XF-91 experimental interceptor fighter with the unusual inverse taper wing with variable incidence, is now flying with a "butterfly" tail. It is reported from the United States that this "V-tail" will be adopted for the XF-105. We believe this to be the first photograph to be published anywhere of this interesting modification.
Photographed in Japan during the war, this Douglas DC-5 was captured by the Japs when they overran Java .
The Short Seamew is to go into service with R.A.F. Coastal Command. This versatile little aircraft will be, used for inshore reconnaissance and coastal defence duties, and will be able to take off from unprepared surfaces such as sandy beaches. For such operation oversIze tyres will be filled.