Air Pictorial 1955-06
SKEETER Mk.6 ordered by Her Majesty's Government
The SKEETER Mk VI embodies all the qualities sought in a first-class A.O.P. and light liaison helicopter for the Army
The English Electric P.1 single-seat interceptor is powered by two Armstrong Siddeley Sapphires which will probably have afterburning when the P.1 goes into service. It flies faster than sound in level flight without afterburning or any other form of power boosting .
Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.Mk.1
The radar nose of the North American F-86K single-seat all-weather fighter. The radar is presumably similar to the F-86D's AN/APX-6.
THE Rotorcraft RH-1 Pinwheel one-man helicopter is powered by rockets. This prototype has an "undercarriage" but the whole assembly will eventually be strapped on. The Pinwheel is under development for the U.S. Navy.
The Swiss Flug and Fahrzeugwerke P.16 jet fighter has been designed for ground attack, with heavy external armament of guns, bombs, rockets, etc. It is powered by an Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire. Features of the design are good manoeuvrability and rate of climb, and the ability to get into and out of small airfields .