Air Pictorial 1955-06
Air Pictorial's photo-review
New pointed profile of the engines on the latest DC-7s is the result of a new Douglas-designed streamlined spinner and anti-drag ring assembly. This provides smoother airflow and allows the engines to operate at 30° F. cooler for a given cowl flap setting.
More "ironmongery" added to the already skeletal SO.1221 Djinn, is a crop-spraying ramp. All-up weight of the two-seat Djinn is 1.390 lb.
Two slightly different types of temporary plywood dorsal fillet have been fitted recently to this Pioneer. One of the fillets is illustrated here.
Now in Australia in a beautiful red and cream colour scheme is the Miles M.75 Aries. It was previously G-AMDJ. c.n. 75/1002.
First production model of the Commonwealth CA-22 Winjeel three-seat basic trainer for the R.A.A.F. Engine 445-h.p. P. & W . Wasp Junior; span 38 ft. 9 in.; length 29 ft. 4 in.; a.u.w. 4.235 lb. ; cruising speed 130 m.p.h.
The Japanese Tachikawa R-HM. is a Henri Mignet "Flying Flea" design built in Japan. Registration is JA3094.
This Meteor FL-55 has been modified in Italy for crop-spraying. Part of the insecticide tank can be seen in the cockpit behind the pilot's seat.
Development of the Tachikawa R-52 is the much cleaner R-53 with a 155-h.p. Cirrus Major.