Air Pictorial 1955-09
Photos by request
CONSOLIDATED COMMODORE. The Commodore depicted here was operated on the South American route by the New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Line. The type was developed from the Consolidated PY-1 naval patrol flying boat, and fourteen were built, deliveries starting in 1929. Accommodation was provided normally for twenty passengers but the machines delivered to N.Y.R.B.A. had a fuselage lengthened to 68 ft. and could carry thirty passengers. Engines were two 575-h.p. Pratt and Whitney Hornets. Span was 100 ft., loaded weight 17,600 lb. and top speed 128 m.p.h.
De SCHELDE S-21. Designed in 1939 by the late Mr. Th. Slot, the prototype Dutch De Schelde S-21 was nearing completion when the Germans occupied the works in 1940, and it never flew. It was to have had a 1,085-h.p. Daimler-Benz DB-600G pusher engille with which a top speed of 367 m.p.h. was estimated. Armament consisted of two 7.7-mm. and two 23-mm. guns, two firing forward and two aft. One 23-mm. gun was positioned to fire through the propeller boss.