Air Pictorial 1955-11
First photograph of the two-seat Convair TF-102A "combat proficiency trainer" (in the foreground). Protective papers still cover the canopy. In the background is a production F-102A.
One hundred and sixty Fairchild C-123B Avitruc assault/cargo transports are being built for the U.S.A.F. Carrying 60 troops, 50 stretchers or 16,000 lb. of freight, the C-123B has a maximum speed of 255 m.p.h. Power is two 2,400-h.p. P & W R-2800-52W radials. Span, 110 ft.; length, 77 ft. 1 in.; a.u w. 71,000 lb.
Striking air-to-air view of the Convair XFY-1 (dubbed "Pogo" by the manufacturers) in horizontal flight. "A space even smaller than the black cross on the 8.100-ft. runway at Lindbergh Field, San Diego, is all the Pogo needs for take-off and landing" say Convair.
Only Saab Safir on the British Civil Register is G-ANOK owned by Kelvin and Hughes Ltd. Engine is a Lycoming O-435A.