Air Pictorial 1956-01
The journal of a roving spotter
Photographed in berth 50 at Southampton recently. the Solent 4, G-AOBL, is now operated by Aquila Airways, who obtained it from Tasman Empire Airways. The name "Aotearoa" is retained.
At first glance this Auster A.O.P. 9 might be thought to be in R.A.F. markings. Actually the roundels are in the saffron, white and green of the Indian Air Force.
An old friend in new guise, G-ANXC was flown during November as a J-5R Alpine with a long-span wing as shown. It is better known as the Aiglet demonstrator.
Still flying in America, this Moth Major, NC726A, was used by Pathe News to photograph Lindbergh's original "Spirit of St. Louis" at the start of its transatlantic crossing, and has been used again in the recent Lindbergh film.