Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
Personal album
Plt Off Wright flying D.H.9A ER8733, another rebuilt aircraft from No 4 FTS Abu Sueir. This D.H.9A was built by the Aircraft Manufacturing Co Ltd at Hendon.
Plt Off Sarsfield Sampson is seen in the cockpit of another D.H.9A at Abu Sueir.
It was in this D.H.9A, J8174, that Plt Off Sarsfield Sampson wiped off the undercarriage during a crosswind landing at Abu Sueir on April 25, 1928.
In the photograph, Plt Off Sarsfield Sampson is seen in the front cockpit of Avro 504K H7528 after his first solo, No 4 FTS, Abu Sueir, 1927.
Rebuilt Avro 504K HR6596 seen after it stalled into the ground in the hands of Plt Off Miller, No 4 FTS Abu Sueir.
Vickers Vernon J7144 was originally ordered as a Vimy ambulance, note the red cross under the near side lower wing, and was used in the Middle East for casualty evacuation.