Aeroplane Monthly 1982-03
H.Scanlan - Dings with a Dragonfly
Marshalling the "low tow" at Tourane with Dorado being pulled out of the mud in the background.
“One of the most exquisitely pretty aeroplanes ever drafted by the hand of man.”
The pristine Dragonfly VR-SAX flying over the jungles of S.E. Asia.
The Dragonfly's port undercarriage buckling in a groundloop at Tourane.
Inspecting the damage in the rain at Alor Star.
Vines, Shell Station Manager ana Sculfor discuss how to salvage VR-SAX at Vientiane.
“They built a bamboo and thatch hangar, erected sheer legs and with local help devised an ingenious wooden framework, within which the dismantled fuselage could be suspended from its cabin roof eye-bolts on four block and tackles.