Aeroplane Monthly 1981-03
R.Sturtivant - Barracuda in action (1)
The first prototype Barracuda, P1767 with original low-set tailplane.
The first prototype Barracuda, P1767 with later high-set tailplane fitted to cure buffeting.
Fairey Barracuda II MD717 was used by the Service Trials Unit of No 778 Sqn and was built by Blackburn Aircraft at Brough, East Yorks.
A Barracuda landing on HMS Ravager, an escort carrier, mid-1944. This picture was the first to be issued of the type following the successful action against the Tirpitz in April 1944.
Barracuda II, BV858, served with 798 Sqn at Lee-on-Solent in 1944.
Barracuda P9659 was delivered to 827 Sqn at Stretton in January 1943.