Air Pictorial 1956-05
Boffin - The Tu-104
Fuel is being pumped into the Tu-104 at the tail and over the wing. The impressive large orifices are suitable for 20.000 lb.s.t. each .
The Tu-104 fuselage is about the same size as that of the Britannia. Scale is given by the men under the fuselage. From this view the length scales 118 ft., jet intake 40 in., outlet 36 in., fuselage diameter 11 ft. approx., and height above ground nearly 8 ft.
The Tu-104 with its slotted extension flaps in the landing position. This view clearly shows the engine air intakes are well away from the fuselage boundary layer .
From the three-quarters front the Tu-104 can be appreciated as a large aeroplane with potentially very powerful turbojets.
In this view the jet·pipe fairings, undercarriage and tail details are well brought out.