Air Pictorial 1956-06
The journal of a roving spotter
Transport Command unit markings comprise a coloured diamond and the squadron number on the fin - as, for instance, on this Beverley of No. 47 Squadron.
The Hunting Percival P.74 helicopter, XK889, is now complete, and is shown here for the first time.
G-AOKR, one of the 149 Prentices which have recently been purchased by Aviation Traders and are now being ferried from Cosford to Southend.
Since "Aeroscribe" illustrated a Balliol of the R.A.F. College at Cranwell (Air Pictorial for December 1954), Vampire T. Mk.11s have gone into service there. As this picture shows, they have the light and dark blue fuselage bands used on the Balliols.