Air Pictorial 1956-07
H.Martin - New-Life Commandos
This fine view of HK-390, the first of three Lloyd Aereo Colombiana Palas-assisted C-46F Commandos, shows the starboard three-blader feathered and the diminutive size of the pod-mounted Palas turbojets. The radial R-2800-51s have the old-style ventral cooling gills just forward of the step-up to the main undercarriage doors.
(Left) The "old" ventral cooling gills of the R-2800-51 as on the C-46F and (right) the "new" dorsal gills and additional "eye" intakes, one each side of the larger Convair-type oil cooler intake. The upper intake (carburettor) is also larger for the R-2800-C engine
Rare registration C-46F with a hatchway on the starboard rear fuselage and the old ventral gills, HI-14 is one of four C-46s belonging to Compania Dominicana de Aviacion C. por A.
Ready for an American or overseas buyer, N 1381 N is the smartly-painted, remodelled CW-20T with the new gill-position R-2800-Cs and the multi-colour paint finish.