Air Pictorial 1956-08
B.Robertson - U.S. Aircraft in the British Services 1914-1955 (2)
Little publicity has ever been given to the experiments with Turbinlite airborne searchlights in this country, but nearly one hundred Havocs were fitted with them. These pictures show a Boston III, Z2184 (top), and a Havoc I, AW400 (bottom).
The Boston I, few examples of which reached Britain, was a version originally ordered by France and Belgium; distinctive features were the nose design, engines, nacelle length and fin and rudder shape.
Little-known experimental version of the Boston, often confused with the Havoc because of its all-black finish, was the Boston III (Intruder). W8290 was one of several converted to carry a ventral gun pack, just discernible in this photograph behind the nosewheel door.
This Buffalo, AS426, was one of the small number of these machines taken over from Belgian contracts; in addition, one hundred and seventy Buffaloes were purchased on British contracts.
Different engine cowling, rudder shape and wingtips distinguish the Harvard I (N7015) (top), from the Harvard II (BD134) (bottom). The latter example was absorbed from an original French contract.
This Catalina IIA, VA703, was one of a batch ordered for use by the R.C.A.F. but diverted to Britain and renumbered in the VA serial group long before that range had been reached in proper allocating sequence.
A Ventura II photographed at Boscombe Down with an experimental Installation of eight rocket projectiles beneath the wings.
The first Hudson, N7205, seen in the form in which it arrived in this country, with a wooden mock-up turret.