Air Pictorial 1956-09
Photos by request
POTEZ 62 - Developed in 1934 for Air France from the l'Armee de l'Air Potez 54 "multi-place de combat" . The 62, a fourteen-seater (max. speed of 200 m.p.h.), was powered by two 825-h.p. Gnome-Rhone 14 Kirs radials; second version 621, 700-h.p. Hispano-Suiza 12Xbrs liquid-cooled Vees. Span 73 ft. 7 in. ; length 56 ft. 10in.
U.S. RARE BIRD - The Breese Aircraft Model R-6-C, of the early 1930s. Remodelled by Russel H. Lawson of Portland, the Model R-6-C carried four passengers in the cabin - with pilot in open , rear cockpit. A.u .w. 4,000 lb.; empty 2,333 lb . Power 330-h .p. Wright Whirlwind R-975 radial.
LATECOERE 49-I of 1933 bore considerable resemblance to the earlier types 29 and 44. An all-metal, two-seat , long-range reconnaissance monoplane, the 49-I was powered by a 650-h.p. Hispano-Suiza 12Nb liquid-cooled Vee. Maximum speed 111 m.p.h ., a.u.w. 5,656 lb . Span 47ft. 10 in .; length 31 ft . 10 in.
U.S. RARE BIRD - The Morton L. Bach Model T-11-P is believed to be the only one of the thirty tri-motor Model 3-CT-S/'5/'6/'8/'9/'9K and '9S six-/ten-seaters converted (summer 1934) to single radial P. & W . Hornet A of 525 h.p. A.u .w. 7,000 lb .; empty 4, 175 lb.
two crew; six/eight passengers.