Air Pictorial 1956-10
The nose section of Comet I, G-AIYZ .
Second De Havilland, Canada, production CS2F-1 Sentinel for the Royal Canadian Navy.
First of six Folland Gnat light fighters (XK724) ordered by the Ministry or Supply for evaluation-shown here with C.T.P. Squadron Leader E. A. Tennant, D.F.C., at the controls. First flew on 26th May. Armed with two 30-mm. Aden cannon, the Gnat F. Mk. I has successrully completed the first phase or its air-firing programme. Span 22 ft. 2 in.; length 29 ft. 9 in.; wing sweep 40 degrees. Other data - withheld.
The fixed leading edge slat shows up clearly in this photograph taken by G. A. Fuller of Montreal, Canada.
The belly gun-pack has been replaced by a camera bay on production CF-100 Mk. 5s.
The one and only Kay Gyroplane, G-ACVA, rests in a hangar at Scone Aerodrome, Perth.
Rare photograph of the Pitcairn PA-39 Autogiro, BW-829.
One of the few photographs of Helena which shows the civilian wingtip markings as well as the R.A.F. markings.
FIN STRAKE EXTENSION is new feature of the production Hunting Percival Jet Provost T. Mk. 2 (XD694).
Piaggio Pc.7