Air Pictorial 1956-10
Air Pictorial's photo-review
OLD TIMER, seen at the Fiumicino display, was this last remaining example of the single-seat fighter Fiat C.R.32 - used in the Spanish Civil War.
SPANISH AIR FORCE F-86F Sabre was also at Fiumicino display. This is the first photo of an operational Spanish jet interceptor.
HUGE TEST SHAPE carried by a McDonnell F-101A Voodoo supersonic fighter represents either a fuel tank or streamlined bomb and is one of a series of test loads to be carried by this machine. The Voodoo is now entering service with Strategic Air Command and is capable of carrying atomic weapons at supersonic speeds.
REVISED COLOURS, orange and white, will in future identify all U.S. Navy trainers. This Beech SNB-5 (BuAer. No. 76773) at Blackbushe is first in U.K.
OLD TIMER. Finished in the new Coastal Command blue overall, this Avro Lancaster M.R.Mk. 3 (SW366) is used for training by the School of Maritime Reconnaissance. St. Mawgan, Cornwall, S.M.R. circle crest is painted on the nose, Ansons and Chipmunks also used. Lancasters to be replaced shortly by Shackleton T. Mk. 4s . Note windows forward of tailplane.
HALF-'N-HALF. Lycoming O-290-3 - powered Auster 5 operated by the Royal Queensland Aero Club of Archerfield, Brisbane, has Auster 5D-standard Aiglet empennage, but not the conversion to D.H. Gipsy Major inline. Rudder stripes identify R.Q.Ae.C.
DISPLAY STRINGBAG (ex-R .N. LS326), a Swordfish acquired for preservation by Fairey Aviation in 1947, has only recently been repainted and given the A.R.B. registration, G-AJVH, after major overhaul at Hamble.
DEBAGGED BUT CANOPIED, the single-seat Chilton G-AFSV (c n. DW la/la/l), owned by J. E.G, Appleyard of Leeds, is seen at Yeadon, Power is a Waiter Mikron II in-line.
TIGER DUSTER (ex-R.A.F. TB263) is a single-seat conversion by Britten Norman, Ltd., of Stapleford, for a Crop Culture (Aerial), Ltd., contract in the Sudan. Note outrigged (wing) rotary atomisers. Colour: silver and red.
STRAKED MERCURY is the prototype Miles M.28, Mk. 6 (c /n. 6268), now operated by F. G. Miles, Ltd ., with new ventral fairing forward of tailwheel.
FIAT-BUILT F-86K Sabre (M.M. 6218), complete with Italian Air Force markings, was shown at the recent Fiumicino international air display.
G.I. COMMUTER, the staff transport Beech L-23A (Twin Bonanza), seats six. New is the large white ARMY on the fuselage - chocolate brown overall. Fin letters and 26177 are yellow drab.
REVISED E.P.9, Capt. Edgar Percival's first post-war design. for a crop-duster, has new dorsal fin fillet and cream and green finish. C/n. 920.
SECOND MOVE (Motor Gull) to design of Heini Dittmar (D-EHYT) differs from prototype (D-EBEF) by having redesigned fin/rudder and more windows.
ITALIAN REVIVAL is the 1934 Fiat G-8 two-seat tourer/trainer, powered by a Fiat A.54 radial. As yet unregistered .
"SLOW POKE" (U .S. slang: dawdler) is name given by designer-builder Roy True of Monroe, Wis., to this 210-m.p.h. (85-h.p. Continental) single-seater (N7M-Exp'I), with span of 15 ft . 6 in . and length 17 ft . 6 in .
HOODED SMOLIK is Czech-designed, Finnish-built (1930s) Letov S.231 (S.218 ???) Smolik (OH-SME), with new canopy.
ITALlAN PROTOTYPE Lualdi-Tassotti E.S.53 is still being flight tested (first flight, March 1954). Power is an 85-h.p. Continental C-85 driving a two-blade rotor head. A three-seater is planned; a side-by-side prototype will shortly be tested.
RARE BIRD DOWN UNDER is the Bat, designed and built by the Australian pioneer airman C. A. Butler. Finished in silver with red lettering, the Bat was photographed at Bankstown, N.S.W. recently.