Air Pictorial 1956-11
B.Robertson - U.S. Aircraft in the British Services 1914-1955 (4)
A sole example of the Curtiss-Wright CW20 was purchased for use by B.O.A.C. and used on regular service for a time.
The Mohawk Mk.IV AR644.
The Mohawk, AR631 - a Mk. III
Vultee Vanguard, BW209, in R.A.F. finish. Plans to use the type as an advanced trainer in Canada were abandoned.
AM910, one of a small batch of Liberator Is which served with Coastal Command, showing the radar aerial array and ventral machinegun trough.
The Chesapeake was used by the Royal Navy for training duties for a short period.
One of the five Curtiss Clevelands taken on charge by the R.A.F. and used for ground instruction. The aircraft were delivered with serials AS467-AS471, as shown here.
The twenty Fortress Is supplied to the R.A.F., including AN531 illustrated , had a chequered career as the text relates.