Aeroplane Monthly 1981-04
News Spotlight
On January 29, 1981 the Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment. (TTTE) was opened formally at RAF Cottesmore, Oakham, in Leicestershire. There followed a flypast of three Tornados flown by British, German and Italian aircrews. Aircraft ZA324, top, shows the Tornado with wings fully extended, ZA325, bottom, has its wings fully swept back, whilst the aircraft, centre, has its wings in the intermediate position.
Chinook ZA672, the first of 33 of these heavy lift helicopters on order for the RAF, seen in Service livery. The Chinook HC1 can carry 44 fully-equipped troops or a variety of heavy loads, ranging from a five ton truck to a floating bridge. The helicopter has a payload of 21,000lb, a ferry range of 1,000 miles and is capable of 175kt.
The first of three Fokker F27 Maritimes ordered by the Philippine Government, PH-EXF, was delivered on January 30, 1981.
Gulfstream American Hustler 500, N501GA, made its first flight on January 26, 1981.
Making a welcome return to the UK is the former Antilles Air Boats' Short Sandringham, N158C, seen here at Calshot on February 2, 1981 after a ferry flight from Eire. The Transport Trust is sponsoring restoration and is looking for a permanent display site.