Aeroplane Monthly 1981-04
R.Riding - Avro's stopgap airliner (1)
Более половины из первых 60 самолетов Lancastrian, заказанных британскими ВВС, поступили в BOAC, включая и данную машину. В мае 1945 года один из них открыл полеты между метрополией и Австралией.
The Avro Lancastrian I Transport (four 1,620 h.p. Rolls-Royce Merlin 24 engines).
BOAC's Lancastrian G-AGMD, named Nairn, was sold to QANTAS in July 1947 and became VH-EAS. It was destroyed by fire at Dubbo, NSW on April 7, 1949.
British South American Airways Lancastrian 3, G-AGWJ Star Glow.
Avro Canada Lancaster XPP, CF-CMT, of TCA seen at Uplands, Ontario, in January 1946.
Avro Lancaster XPP, CF-CMV, of TCA was purchased by Flight Refuelling Ltd in September 1947 and became G-AKDO.
TCA’s Lancaster XPP CF-CMW.
British South American Airways' Avro Lancaster freighter G-AGUL, Star Watch, at Heathrow in 1946.
TCA’s Avro Canada Lancaster XPP, CF-CNA, seen at Uplands, Ontario in June 1946.
BOAC’s Lancastrian G-AGME, named Newhaven, climbs out of Heathrow.
Avro Lancastrian G-AGLF was the first of BOAC's fleet of 21 Mk Is and was lost in a crash in the Syrian Desert in May 1947.
The Avro Lancastrian III Long-range Transport (four 1,620 h.p. Rolls-Royce Merlin 24 engines).
British South American Airways' Lancastrian 3 G-AGWH, named Star Dust, was lost over the Andes on August 2, 1947.
Contrasts in Lancastrian passenger comfort. Left, the nine seat cabin of a TCA Lancastrian is very spartan compared to the later mark, right.
the layout of the sleeper BOAC/QANTAS Kangaroo service Lancastrians.