Aeroplane Monthly 1981-04
R.Sturtivant - Barracuda in action (2)
Barracuda I, P9659, from the initial production batch.
A Barracuda landing on Illustrious December 1948.
A Barracuda III, identified by the blister-type radome under the aft fuselage.
An unusual view showing Barracuda III, RJ907, of 750 Sqn St Merryn climbing away with wheels retracting, July 1953.
LS479, a Mk II Barracuda which was converted on line to a Mk V.
Barracuda V, RK558, from 783 Sqn Lee-on-Solent, December 1947
Barracuda IIs of 812 Sqn HMS Vengeance in December 1945.
The main version of the Barracuda was the Mk II with Merlin 32 engine and ASV Mk IIN radar.
Barracuda III, RJ933, of 815 Sqn Eglinton at Culdrose in 1952.
Barracuda II, RJ761, of 750 Sqn, St Merryn, in June 1952.