Aeroplane Monthly 1981-05
R.Riding - Avro's stopgap airliner (2)
Lancaster XPP of Trans Canada Airlines
Lancastrian 3 of British South American Airways
Lancastrians during the Berlin Airlift with one of Flight Refuelling's tanker aircraft in the foreground. Many ex-BOAC and BSAA Lancastrians were fitted with large tanks capable of carrying 2,500 gal of petrol or diesel oil.
HAROLD G. MARTIN'S superb photograph of Lancaster XPP CF-CNA was taken at Dorval, Montreal, in 1946.
BSAA’s Lancastrian 3 G-AGWK, Star Trail, with wheels retracting immediately after take-off.
Skyways' Lancastrian 4, Sky Envoy, was sold in Pakistan in July 1948.
Skyways' Lancastrian 2, G-AKSO, seen before conversion, note the RAF roundel and code Z just visible under the registration letters.
Flight Refuellings' Lancastrian 4 G-AKFG was previously owed by Skyways and BSAA and was scrapped at Tarrant Rushton in September 1951.
Alitalia's Lancastrian 3 l-DALR. ex G-AHCE and named Borea.
Skyways' Lancastrian G-AHBU.
Skyways' Lancastrian G-AKFI, Sky Consort, was later re-registered G-AJPP.
Alitalia's Lancastrian 3 l-AHBY, ex G-AHBY and named Libeccio.
Silver City Lancastrian 3s G-AHBV and G-AHBW were based at Dunsfold.
Avro 691 Lancastrian I of BOAC