Aeroplane Monthly 1981-05
R.Riding - Avro's stopgap airliner (2)
Lancaster XPP of Trans Canada Airlines
Lancastrian 3 of British South American Airways
Flight Refuellings' Lancastrian 4 G-AKFG was previously owed by Skyways and BSAA and was scrapped at Tarrant Rushton in September 1951.
Lancastrians during the Berlin Airlift with one of Flight Refuelling's tanker aircraft in the foreground. Many ex-BOAC and BSAA Lancastrians were fitted with large tanks capable of carrying 2,500 gal of petrol or diesel oil.
BSAA’s Lancastrian 3 G-AGWK, Star Trail, with wheels retracting immediately after take-off.
Skyways' Lancastrian 4, Sky Envoy, was sold in Pakistan in July 1948.
Skyways' Lancastrian 2, G-AKSO, seen before conversion, note the RAF roundel and code Z just visible under the registration letters.
HAROLD G. MARTIN'S superb photograph of Lancaster XPP CF-CNA was taken at Dorval, Montreal, in 1946.
Skyways' Lancastrian G-AHBU.
Alitalia's Lancastrian 3 I-DALR. ex G-AHCE and named Borea.
Skyways' Lancastrian G-AKFI, Sky Consort, was later re-registered G-AJPP.
Alitalia's Lancastrian 3 l-AHBY, ex G-AHBY and named Libeccio.
Silver City Lancastrian 3s G-AHBV and G-AHBW were based at Dunsfold.
Avro 691 Lancastrian I of BOAC