Aeroplane Monthly 1981-07
Whitchurch /Gone but not forgotten/ (10)
Regular visitor to Whitchurch was Aer Lingus Dakota EI-ACH.
THE BARNARD "CIRCUS" AT THE BRISTOL AIRPORT: The "Jupiter"-engined Fokker "Spider" taking up the Lord Mayor of Bristol, and party.
The Fokker F.VIIA G-EBTS, The Spider, taking up the Lord Mayor of Bristol at the Bristol Summer Meeting in June 1931.
Armstrong Whitworth Ensigns, 2 Lockheed 14 and a D.H.95 Flamingo at Whitchurch during the early part of the last war.
Ensign G-ADSR running up at Whitchurch
Taylorcraft Plus D, G-AHWJ, was used by Bristol & Wessex aero club for years.
Weston Airways' D.H. Dragon, G-ACJT, at Whitchurch. The aircraft crashed at Weston super-Mare in December 1939.
H.P.42W, G-AAXC, arriving at the Bristol & Wessex Garden Party on October 1, 1932, with Captain O. P. Jones in command.
Airwork's hangar at Whitchurch was similar to the one at Heston.
Early resident at Whitchurch was Desoutter II G-AAVO.
The Barnwell B.S.W. Mk I, registered G-AFID, crashed at Whitchurch on August 2, 1938, killing its designer.