Aeroplane Monthly 1981-08
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Unidentified RAF Douglas Boston III at Hergla, Tunisia, on June 17, 1943 The first Boston IIIs were shipped to England during the summer of 1941 and first entered RAF service with No 88 Sqn at Swanton Morley. The Boston III differed from its predecessors by way of its more powerful engines and large fin and rudder
Douglas Boston III, W8329, at Fayid, Egypt, on April 23, 1943. Note the short intakes on top of the engine cowl.
Boeing Fortress III, 9202 of the RCAF, at Foggia Main Italy, in December 1943.
Liberator II, AL555, was unarmed, painted black overall and used for personnel drops. It is seen here at Foggia Main, Italy, on November 22. 1943.
Coastal Command Liberator III, FL926, at Fayid, Egypt, on April 13, 1943. Equivalent to the USAAF B-24D, the III was used mainly as a VLR aircraft.
An unidentified Royal Australian Air Force Martin Marauder taking off from El Kabrit, Egypt, on January 2, 1943. The B-26 Marauder medium bomber carried a crew of five and a maximum bomb load of 4,000lb.
RAF Boeing Fortress I, the B-17C, AN524 at Floyd Bennett Field, New York in 1940-41, one of the first to be flown to Britain for modification prior to delivery to the RAF. The type was to enter RAF service with No 90 Sqn in May 1941. The Fortress I carried a crew of ten and a 2,500lb bomb load.