Aeroplane Monthly 1981-09
??? - PFA at Leicester
More than 630 different aircraft attended this year’s PFA rally held at Leicester on July 3-5, 1981. Much of the limelight was stolen by Don Cashmore’s Sopwith Tabloid replica, which won the Best Replica award. We hope to have further coverage of this aircraft in an early issue.
The world’s sole airworthy D.H.90 Dragonfly G-AEDU, has just been restored by Cliff Lovell for owners Martin Barraclough and Tony Haig Thomas and is seen arriving at Leicester.
The all black Boeing B75N-1 Stearman G-ROAN, complete with silencer.
The veteran Piper L-4H Cub G-AIIH.
The Aeronca C-3 G-AEFT, flown by Cliff Humphries
The French registered VariEz F-PYHZ of Bruno Guimbal
Mike Searle putting the scale FW190 G-WULF through its paces.