Aeroplane Monthly 1981-09
A.Ord-Hume - Carden Baynes twin Bee
In 1934 Baynes formed Carden-Baynes Aircraft Ltd with Sir John Carden, although the latter was sadly killed in an air accident on December 10, 1935. The company continued, however, and in April 1937 the two-seat twin-pusher-engined Bee made its first flight.
L. E. Baynes demonstrates the ease of access into the Bee. The canopy, when opened, simply lay back along the top of the centre section.
Another neat Baynes innovation was the Bee's swivelling wing, which could be rotated 90 deg. to enable it to rest on top of and in line with the fuselage.
BAYNES BEE Two 40 h.p. Carden-Baynes S.P.I engines