Aeroplane Monthly 1981-10
J.Kells - C Boat Saga
S.30 Empire Boat G-AFCT at Rod El Faraq, Cairo, Egypt.
Imperial Airways' Short S.23 Empire Boat G-ADVB being hauled up the Hythe slipway.
AFRICAN SCENE: One of Imperials’ flying boats moored on the Nile beside the passengers’rest “house” - the good ship Mayflower.
Empire Boat G-ADVD, Challenger, on the Nile in 1939 beside the passengers’ rest house, the good ship Mayflower.
After four years' service with Qantas this S.23, G-AFBL, Cooee, served with BOAC from 1942 until scrapped at Hythe in 1947.
The Qantas S.23 Empire Boat, VH-ABB, Coolangatta, was later impressed into RAAF service and crashed at Rose Bay, Sydney, in October 1944.