Aeroplane Monthly 1981-11
The Hawker Tempest V NV696, photographed by Charles E. Brown
NEVILLE PARNELL’S dramatic picture of the Fokker Triplane N864DR was taken from a Caribou over the sea en route between Sydney and Amberley this year. Sadly the Triplane was on its last flight and has since been donated to the Australian War Memorial.
Hawker Hart Trainer K6425 of Initial Training Squadron, No 4 FTS Abu Sueir. This aircraft was struck off RAF charge in July 1942.
Allen Wheeler about to land the Shuttleworth Avro 504K E3404 at Old Warden.
NEVILLE PARNELL'S plate, taken off the Australian coast near Brisbane, features the Sopwith Pup VH-PSP and the Fokker Triplane N864DR.
An Audax of the Advanced Training Squadron, No 4 FTS Abu Sueir. Note ATS fuselage markings, the thermometer fastened to the rear starboard interplane strut, and the ring and bead gunsight. Audaxes were used in ATS for front gun air-to-air tiring against drogues towed by Fairey Gordons, and for air-to-ground firing. Bombing was "high level” from 6,000ft. using a course setting bomb sight and had to be done by pupils working in pairs. The thermometer was needed for setting temperatures in bombing corrections - possibly for airspeed corrections. The Audax was also used for navigation cross country training.