Aeroplane Monthly 1981-11
H.Best-Devereux, I.Best-Devereux - Oshkosh '81
The 3/4 scale Reggiane 2000.
This D.H.89A Dragon Rapide, N2290B, has spent much of its time in India and has logged 5,000hr air time to date. Note the non-standard cockpit glazing.
This D.H.87B Hornet Moth arrived at Oshkosh via a Qantas Boeing 747.
Wingwalker Jimmy Dorsey takes a break during a display aboard the Stearman Miss Piggy.
The Les Porthos Colomban Cri Cri duo. The Cri Cri is powered by a pair of 12 h.p. Valmet single cylinder engines.
The two seat Quickie Q-2
The twin-finned Mitchell P.38 was one of several designs exhibited by Mitchell.
Roy Pinner's Hummer was voted the Reserve Grand Champion microlight.
The Acapella 100L.
The Meyer 2/3 scale P-51B Mustang
The PAT 1 glassfibre canard made its first flight in July 1981.
Winner of the LBF 500 fuel-efficiency race was the 200 h.p. glassfibre AJ2 racer.
The Australian Hornet 130S minimum aircraft is powered by a ducted fan and has folding wings for home storage. The German 30 h.p. Konig engine produces a maximum speed of 127 m.p.h.
The Kolb Flyer is manufactured in kit and plan form and is available with either cable or strut braced wings. Control is three-axis with aileron and tail controls through stick and rudder pedals.
Winner of the Outstanding New Design award for microlights was this Tomcat from Robin Haynes of Sacramento.
The Vector 600 has three-axis control using spoilerons for roll control. The 22 h.p. Zenoah engine gives a maximum speed of 50 m.p.h.
The Moni lightweight single seater is an all aluminium bonded and riveted structure powered by a 22 h.p. two stroke engine.
The Hudson Thing