Air International 2007-01
D.Carrara - ATC Mobile - School For Lifesavers /Military/
Seven Dolphins are assigned to ATC Mobile. These helicopters are used to train 50 new pilots a year on the type.
An HH-60J Jayhawk at rest between training flights at ATC Mobile. One of the hardest tasks student pilots must master is hovering and hoisting above a moving boat at night.
The Jayhawk first entered service with the USCG in 1990, replacing the HH-3F Pelican. It is classed as a medium-range helicopter, has a range of 700nm and in USCG service flies with two pilots, a flight mechanic and a rescue swimmer.
Guardians are to be replaced by the HC-144A,36 of which are on order. ATC Mobile will receive six of these aircraft, the first of which was due to arrive in December 2006.
A HU-25A lifts off from Mobile Regional Airport, which shares the runway with the USCG facility. The Guardians are the only aircraft type based at ATC Mobile which normally fly operational missions, as the Dolphins and Jayhawks are assigned to the training role.
Pictured is the console of a sensor system operator in a HU-25A Guardian. This person is responsible for working the radar and radios.