Air International 2007-01
A.Wright - Hornet Convertible /A pilot's story/
A pilot's eye view of air-to-air refuelling by an F/A-18C from a KC-10A. It was during a similar rendezvous over Afghanistan that the hose snapped and smashed Lt Cdr Wright's canopy, leaving him open to the elements.
Lt Cdr (now Cdr) Anthony Wright in the cockpit of a Hornet.
Середина января 2002г. Палубный истребитель-бомбардировщик F/A-18C "Хорнет" из эскадрильи VFA-147
A maintenance crewman attempts to remove the KC-10's refuelling drogue from the Hornet's probe. Note the smashed canopy and damage to the wing leading edge extension.