Air International 2007-02
R.Francillon - ATAC - Honing the Fighting Edge /Military/
A pair of Kfir C2s in formation with an F-15C Eagle from the 19th FS/3rd Wing based at Elmendorf, Alaska. Providing 'threat' aircraft for air-to-air combat training is one among many tasks for ATAC's Kfirs.
At the end of 2006, the ATAC fleet included six leased Hunter Mk 58s, registered N321AX through N326AX. ATAC leases the aircraft from Hunter Aviation International Inc, Delaware.
Kfir C2 N405AX takes off from Naval Air Station Jacksonville in November 2006 at the start of a mission in support of surface vessels operating off Florida's east coast.
N806KF carrying a pair of AN/ALQ-167(V) pods on pylons at the lower 'corner' of the intakes. The modifications IAI carried out on the Kfir greatly increased the load-carrying capability compared to that of its French Mirage ancestor.
Former USAF pilots employed by ATAC received conversion training for the Draken on this ex-Danish TF-35, seen here at Cecil Field, Florida, in February 1997.
This ex-German Alpha Jet A, photographed at NAS Jacksonville in August 2005, still bore its former-Luftwaffe code 41+20, but the German cross had been replaced by a star.