Air International 2007-05
M.English - A Giant In Washington /Commercial/
One of the more interesting features of the A380 wing is its three-section ailerons which move independently and, during flight through turbulence, often in different directions, to relieve the wing bending loads. Pilots affectionately call this motion 'aileron waltz'.
With 474 passengers and 131 tons of fuel, the all-up weight on take-off from Frankfurt was 476 tons, both of these being considerably less than their maxima of 853 passengers and 560 tons. The aircraft was even more lightly loaded for its demonstration flight from Dulles International Airport, from where it is pictured taking off.
Lufthansa pilots Capt Juergen Raps and Cpt Raimund Mueller on the flight deck of 007 prior to its return to Frankfurt from Washington. They were accompanied on the flight by two Airbus pilots Armand Jacob and Jean Christof Lair.
A view of the economy section in the main cabin. Note the fin-mounted camera display on the bulkhead in-flight entertainment screens. The interior is spacious and there is plenty of room for carry-on baggage, both in the overhead bins and wall storage units.