Air International 2007-05
R.Simpson - Citation Mustang Cessna's VLJ /Commercial/
This view of N510KS clearly illustrates the Mustang's Citation lineage. Note the ventral fins under the rear fuselage that have been added to improve stall characteristics.
First production aircraft N510CE was displayed at the 2005 NBAA Convention, Orlando in November, ten weeks after its first flight on August 29, 2005. It was subsequently used for systems and avionics development and certification flying.
By the time the second production aircraft N510KS made its maiden flight on January 30,2006 - one week ahead of schedule - the earlier two had accrued 580 flying hours and 360 flights.
During its first flight on April 23, 2005, the first prototype (N27369) was taken to 11,000ft and a number of systems were exercised, including the flaps, speed brakes and undercarriage. Various stability and control tests were also carried out during the flight, which lasted two hours and 21 minutes.
Initial production of the Mustang was carried out at Cessna's main Wichita plant, but moved to its Independence factory in 2005.
Because the Mustang is smaller than traditional Citations the four-seat cabin has been given a slightly pear-shaped cross-section in order to maximise the effective space.
Cessna Citation Mustang