Air International 2007-06
S.O'Connor - Entebbe - An Airport in Transition /Commercial/
Entebbe is used by the United Nations to transport personnel, vehicles and relief supplies to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Pictured is an Angolan-registered Boeing 727-116C used by the organisation.
A Kenya Airways Boeing 737-200 on the main ramp at Entebbe next to a South African Airways Airbus A320. This is one of 17 airlines flying international services to Entebbe.
Two air traffic controllers keep a watchful eye on aircraft movements at Entebbe International Airport. A new radar and airspace management system is due to be installed in August 2007, which will improve safety and increase capacity of the surrounding airspace.
An Emirates Airbus A330 touches down at Entebbe after a flight from Dubai. The current terminal can be seen in the background and a new building to handle domestic flights will be complete by this September.
Last year international passengers increased to 643,330 from 551,853 in the previous year. Passengers disembark an Emirates A330 and file into the arrivals hall. One of the current improvements is the addition of airbridges to the terminal.