Air Pictorial 1957-01
Lintonian - The Whitley story (2)
A Whitley Mk. 4A (K9055)
Two production Whitley Mk . Vs (N1372 KN-O of 77 Squadron and Z6S77 EY-F of 78 Squadron) illustrating the different camouflage styling of 1940-41. Later Whitleys were unique among R.A.F. bombers with their soot-black finish overall.
Whitley Mk. 5 (T4149) with the G suffix removed. Note the underwing RATOG containers.
A hitherto unpublished photograph of the Armstrong Siddeley Deerhound engine.
A Mk. 4 (K9025) . The Mk. 4A had a slightly larger carburetter air intake - immediately forward of the undercarriage doors - than that on the Mk. 4.
Whitley G.R.7 of No. 612 Squadron (Z6633)