Air Pictorial 1957-02
Photos by request
BOEING B-17 E.T.B. Several B-17 Flying Fortress bombers of World War II fame have been converted as experimental engine test-beds. Development flying trials (with nose-mounted jet engines) have included the Allison T38 and T56, the Pratt & Whitney T34 and the Wright T35 turboprops as well as the Wright J65 turbojet. The accompanying remarkable air-to-air close-up of the Boeing Model 299Z (N5111N) with all four piston props feathered and flying solely on the Pratt & Whitney T34 turboprop was taken in autumn 1950 by Harold G. Martin.
BOEING PB-1 (34106) of U.S.N., N.A.M.C., Philadelphia. Note scale model F8F Bearcat under belly.
BOEING PB-1G (77254) of U.S. Coast Guard - for rescue-reconnaissance.
BOEING XC-108 (41-2953) photographed 29th November 1943. On nose is "Bataan". Note rear windows. One only V.I.P. (B-17E) rework.
BOEING PB-1 (34106) of U.S.N., N.A.M.C., Philadelphia. Note scale model F8F Bearcat under belly.
500 APART! Last of the Renton-built C-97s, No. 888, a KC-97G Stratofreighter (53-3816) joined the 98th Air Refuelling Squadron, Lincoln A.F.B., Neb., late last year.
The unique VC-97B (O-45:9596), the tenth built: recently assigned to H.Q.S.A.C.8th Air Force, as a flying command post - complete with teletype, sleeping accommodation and filing cabinets. This VC-97B is the U.S.A.F.'s only Stratocruiser - note commercial-type portholes.
Для снижения риска капотирования на Boeing ЕА перед основными колесами шасси установили дополнительное третье колесо.
BOEING "EA" of 1917 was the first Boeing design to be ordered by the U.S. services. The contract for two of these side-by-side trainers (90-h.p. Curtiss OXX-3) was placed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps on 10th April 1917, just four days before the U.S.A. entered World War I. The Boeing "EA" was designed by Mr. T. Wong, later (1930s) head of the Chinese Central Aviation Manufacturing Co. Note the extended upper mainplane shape - of 43 ft. 10 in. span.