Air Pictorial 1957-06
The journal of a roving spotter
A new spectacle will be provided at flying displays this season by the aerobatic team of No. 111 Squadron, R.A.F., comprising five all-black Hunter 6s. Serial numbers (this one is XF430) are in red as unit markings are carried.
Newest airline livery seen on a Viscount is that of Philippine Air lines, where two Type 784s will be used on the "Route of the Orient Star".
Latest American aircraft to fly in the "X" research category, the Ryan X-13 Vertijet is powered by a specially-modified Rolls-Royce Avon and is the first aeroplane in the world to take off in a vertical attitude on pure jet power.
Coupe conversions of the Tiger Moth are growing increasingly popular. Apart from the elaborate Jackaroo four-seat conversion by the Wiltshire School of Flying, four straightforward schemes are available, as for instance this one on G-AOXS.